The future of FPS.
Earn Like a Pro

Spoils Of War is a Multiplayer FPS on PC and Mobile where for the first time players are paid for their skills. The difference between glory and defeat rests in your hands. Players can either enjoy the F2P game or ante to enter the arena where legends will be made. Hone your skills, test your merritt, reap the rewards.

Where soldiers are born

A dystopian future where modern warfare is obsolete. Full customization, futuristic arsenals, unique gadgets, classes, and perks to fit your playstyle.

In Spoils Of War, success is now purely based on skill. Track your success and how you compare to others while completing unmatched cash challenges.

Maximize your earnings with seamless withdrawals. Say goodbye to complex wallet setups and enjoy lightning-fast funding for your next game.

spoils of war