Spoils Of War Affiliate Program

Maximum revenue share of 30%, affiliates can earn a significant commission on every player they refer to the game.

We believe in rewarding our affiliates generously. When you become an affiliate for Spoil of War you can earn up to an impressive 30% of the revenue generated through your efforts. This means that for every player you refer or sub-affiliate you recruit, you’ll enjoy a substantial share of the profits.

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For sellers

Link up with creators and pay commission on successful sales.

For creators

Promote brands that are relevant to your followers.

Unlock Unlimited Earning Potential

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your earnings as an affiliate.”Spoil of War empowers you to harness your marketing skills and network to earn a substantial share of the revenue. With the possibility of reaching that coveted 30% mark, your dedication could lead to an income beyond your wildest dreams.

A Win-Win Partnership

Our philosophy is simple: your success is our success. By offering up to 30% of the revenue, we ensure that your hard work and commitment are duly recognized and rewarded. As you bring players into the immersive world of Spoil of War, you’re not just enhancing their gaming experience; you’re securing your own financial future.

Generate a 10% revenue stream by playing

What sets our Affiliate Program apart is its sustainability. You don’t just earn a one-time reward – you’ll continue to receive your share of the revenue for as long as your referred players remain active in the game. This ongoing revenue stream ensures that your efforts keep paying off well into the future.

Easy Tracking and Reporting

We make it easy for you to monitor your earnings and track your performance as an affiliate. Our intuitive tracking system provides real-time data on your referrals and commissions, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies for even greater success. You’ll always be in the know about how your affiliate venture is performing.

Spoil of War Affiliate Program is open for new signups for the next 18 months after the game’s launch in each country. This means you have a limited window of opportunity to seize this lucrative chance, so don’t delay!

Affiliate Benefits

Becoming an affiliate for Spoil of War provides a multitude of benefits and perks, ranging from high earning potential and flexible income streams to ongoing revenue and real-time tracking. This program offers an exceptional opportunity to monetize your dedication, expertise, and passion for the game while creating a lasting partnership with Spoil of War.

Up to 30% Earnings

Enjoy the potential to earn up to 30% of the game's revenue, providing a substantial income opportunity.

Gaming and Earning

Immerse yourself in Spoil of War as a player and earn a 10% revenue stream while enjoying the game.

Limited-Time Opportunity

Join the Affiliate Program within the first 18 months after the game's launch in each country, seizing this time-limited chance for earnings and growth.

Free Product & Apparel

You get free high-performance products each month, apparel, and swag

Discount & Commission

20% off discounts to your audience + up to 30% commission!

Early Access

20% off discounts to your audience + up to 30% commission!